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Joel Shapiro Video Interview

(View mobile version of Joel Shapiro video here.) I had the pleasure of documenting an interview with Joel Shapiro at the Paula Cooper Gallery this past winter. The gallery had a retrospective of his work on display and artist Jenny Snider organized a question and answer meeting with her fellow artists-in-residence at the Marie Walsh […]

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Dan Flavin: Installation Artist

I finally get it. It’s amazing when something becomes so clear after I had thought that I had it all figured out.  I have never been a fan of Dan Flavin’s work. Despise would have been an accurate description of my feeling towards the work.  At least until this show.  To me it was always […]

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Notorious New York Collectors, Herb and Dorothy

I went to the movie Herb and Dorothy the other day with an old art school friend and my partner and finally got to find out who are the notorious Herb and Dorothy Vogel. I had heard about them, back when I first moved to New York from art school in the midwest, and I […]

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