Your Gold Teeth Smell Like Crap

Here’s a show that clearly deserves one of the first reviews on my new blog. I have no idea who the curator is, so I’m going to tell it how it is. The gallery should have considered closing at the end of July instead of leaving this rubbish heap open for all to see. Your Gold Teeth II curated by Todd Levin at Marianne Boesky Gallery is a perfect example of everything that is wrong with the art scene in New York.

Upon entering the gallery, it feels like perhaps you have arrived pre or post show, and things are being moved in or out with little concern for placement. The images here give you an example of how poorly installed this show is. What is the theme of this group show?

Is this really the work of an experienced curator of a quarter century?  As professed, I know little of the who’s who in the New York art scene, but I know a load of crap when I smell it. This curator must be very well connected to be able to pass off this uninspired show as one worthy of Marianne Boesky Gallery. And to be reviewed in the New York Times. Very well positioned, indeed.

What is even more amazing, is that there are some big names in this show: Basquiat, Boetti, Castle, Cornell, Fischli and Weiss, Nauman, Noland, Ono, Trockel, West. Artists who have amazing careers, creating art whose placement ought to be considered carefully. Your Gold Teeth II had the grace and style of a midterm student show in some small backwoods state school whose funding was cut, and suffered a drop in enrollment. The use of white painted pedestals for the sculptures made me cringe. It was like he was thinking, okay eye level… hmm, what’s in the back room? Oh, painted white pedestals, and guess what, they’re the perfect size!  Or maybe the show started with “what kind of show can we put on using these painted white pedestals?”

So I had to delve a little further.  It was the second visit to the show, and instead of just walking in and out, like I normally would, I decided to stay a while and think about why it was so bad. It felt like a flea market that you arrived at too late.  Everything
picked over, nothing left but the junk no one wants…

So I grabbed the press release. It reads like the bullshit they try to get you to read in graduate school. Convoluted, condescending nonsense that actually may have a point, but so vague, and obtuse, that my brain glazes over before I can decipher any of it.

Whilst relistening to, and reflecting upon these radio programs recently, it became sadly apparent that facile irony had become one of the dominant philosophical stances of the art world, and that perhaps the artists and artwork I chose for inclusion in Your Gold Teeth II simply had to lay in wait until the Oligarch decade was over.

Dear curator, What the fuck are you talking about? And why does my brain hurt when I try to make sense of your writing? And why does this art look like a load of crap in this space? Does all of your curating look this bad? Cuz if it does, I hope that your clients hire a separate interior designer to make sense of the work you help them buy. This show looks like shit! I don’t even care which artists are included in this show because my first and second impressions make me think there is nothing here worth considering. No story, no attention to detail, no jarring juxtaposition, rhythm, repetition, nuance.  Just a room full of unrelated junk.

I think you’ve got the idea.  The pix say it all.

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